Planting plans

Planting plans are designed to
  • suit the particular growing conditions of your garden or specific border
  • be resilient and biodiverse
  • complement the garden as a whole
  • provide year-round interest, and
  • create the atmosphere you desire.

A planting plan will be prepared showing the position of each plant, its species and cultivar name as well as the quantity required.  Planting schemes can include both ornamental and productive plants for borders, and vegetable gardens.  A plant schedule detailing the quantity and size of plants required will be prepared to send to recommended nurseries. Finally, you can opt for a maintenance schedule giving the information needed to care for the plants.

I can also supply carefully chosen, high quality plants and plant them for you. Once the plants have arrived on site I can set them out and arrange planting for you. The physical planting phase is really important and I like to be closely involved – it’s good to know that the plants are in the right places and planted properly for the best possible start in life.

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