Detailed garden consultations

Detailed garden consultations work for clients who may not be ready for a full garden design, but are open to ideas about how to make the most of their space. As this is a paid service, it allows me to focus on giving advice, helping you to feel confident about tackling the garden yourself – or clear about which of my services you need.

This service offers an opportunity to:

  • Access a garden designer’s skills and knowledge
  • Explore ideas about planting and hard landscaping
  • Get a new perspective and fresh inspiration

Do you have an established garden that needs a fresh approach? Perhaps you need advice about layout, materials, planting, or how to adapt the garden to changing needs? 

What this consultation includes: 

  • Design: style, aesthetics and how your garden can really work for you
  • Construction and hard landscaping: paving, paths, garden buildings
  • Plants:  a general assessment of what you have, and discussion of directions for future planting, including planting for wildlife, pet-friendly planting, and edible planting.

How it works

  • I’ll ask you to send me images of the garden, and an idea of what you’d like to get out of the consultation.
  • The consultation will include a 1 hour viewing of your outdoor space. We’ll discuss your ideas, and I will start to form a view on the direction that your garden could take, and guide you through the possibilities to consider.
  • I’ll follow up with an emailed summary of my recommendations, including suggestions for planting and hard landscaping.

Depending on the nature of the garden and the projects under consideration, the emailed summary with advice on how to proceed could be all that you require –  or it could lead to any of a wide range of solutions for developing the garden using my knowledge of plants, construction materials and design techniques, and my links with contractors and suppliers. While the summary won’t include drawings or planting plans, these can be developed as part of the more in-depth design packages offered.

Available as a gift voucher, a detailed consultation is also a thoughtful present for garden owners in need of some advice or inspiration for their outdoor space.

The detailed garden consultation service is charged at a rate of £190 within 20 mins travelling time of my studio in SE27, south London. If you live further away, get in touch and we’ll work something out.

Terka came around for a detailed design consultation and I’m so glad she did! She really listened to my vision for our garden and, using her vast knowledge of different plants and design expertise, came up with some amazing creative ideas for the space. Incorporating what was already there, she advised on which plants would complement and enhance each raised bed and sent a detailed and prompt e-mail which fuelled my inspiration and encouraged me to get to work straight away! Thanks so much!

Christine Goodrich, Streatham

Such a comprehensive and detailed amount of ideas and advice, thank you so much! I feel there is so much inspiration for me to use and draw on – I’ve read your email about 20 times, looked at all the links and bookmarked ideas. I can’t tell you how helpful and inspiring it is to have someone else’s ideas on board!

M.G., West Norwood